Having worked in corporate America for over 15 yrs as a Process Engineer going from my morning routine, boardroom meetings to date night (the struggle was real) . Like me many other women are busier than ever before. So PDAs (public display of application) was becoming an increasingly part of my everyday life.

For this reason, the need to have a product that was small and conveniently portable that didn't compromise on quality was an absolute necessity.

An “on the go” product that wouldn't drop to the ground, stain my clothes or even worst after almost completing my makeup the dreadful accidentally touching my face (don't you just hate when that happens....me too). So the need to have something that wouldn't get my finger/hands all dirty/messy while at the same time give me the ability to hold more than one thing at a time would be a game changer.

HOW IT CAME ABOUT: I was going through my morning routine and accidentally touch my face and didn't realize it until I saw a stain on my shirt! I thought there has got to be a better way. So I thought to myself... if only i could cover my finger so my fingers wouldn't touch my face and I didn't have to hold it. So I cut up a sponge and tied it to my finger and it WORKED!!! I started taking it everywhere! I guess you could say I made my first prototype!

When designing this product, I not only want to create a product that provide the attributes I needed, but I also had a desire to create a product that catered to every woman.

After searching the market to find something like this or even similar and there was nothing out there... not even close.That’s when Gripless Beauty’s Gripless Blender’s were born, out of the pure need to apply makeup at home or on the move without the mess. Our product Hugs the finger and attaches via Velcro (making it adjust to fit any size finger). It offers a waterproof backing and sponge barrier from hands to face making an easy and clean transfer of makeup while also reducing the spread of bacteria that can easily happen with hands to face transfer. A product that freed up your hands to do other things.

Our makeup applicator is convenient and versatile. It's perfect for placement in a compact space such as a small clutch or handbag for convenient application anywhere at any time.


This product we made with every women in mind. From student who need touch up between classes, eager to attend an after school event, or just in need of a quick selfie. For that busy mom that has that early morning commute in the car, on a subway, in an uber, or on a bus. Maybe even that girl’s night out or date night with hubby. The traveling person that need a quick touch up on the plane for that afternoon business trip. The women who is always on the go!

The best innovation behind our product is it also beneficial to that person with hand dexterity issues that might not have the inability to hold things.

We created a product that LITERALLY didn’t leave any women out.

Weather you have time to apply your makeup at home or on the move we feel this could be the best product for you!

We are a brand for every woman, that encourages individuality, where we are changing the way you makeup on the go, so whatever your traveling needs may be, your never alone with the Gripless beauty blender, We go where you go!

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