Mini Oval Sponge
Mini Oval Sponge
Mini Oval Sponge

Mini Oval Sponge

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  • Adjustable straps (adjust to desired fit)
  • Rich with Vitamin E
  • Washable (Waterproof backing)
  • Latex Free
  • Eco Friendly and Handcrafted
  • Hands free
  • Dual ended
  • All Vegan Materials

Apply makeup like the pros do with this soft touch, dual-ended sponge applicator which applies makeup immaculately for a smooth, streak-free finish. What sets this ingenious sponge apart is that it's double-ended, with a rounded tip on one end to apply makeup all over the face and neck. Flip the sponge over for a pointed tip to access hard to reach areas and for precision blending. Our patent pending adjustable straps adds precise control at your fingertips and gives you the ability to multi- task by holding other items.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: -PERFECT ABSORPTION, LESS WASTE - Some makeup sponges waste makeup by absorbing too much of it into the sponge. We have tested and created ours with the perfect density to help prevent Product waste.

CONTOURS & BLENDS HARD TO REACH SPOTS - Lets face it not all blending sponges are created equal .Ours for example are quality controlled to ensure even the smallest defect in shape is eliminated from seeing daylight. With this type of quality you will expect that the shape of this sponge will reach the hard to blend spaces of your face while creating a perfect balance when used evenly.

EXTREMELY SOFT TOUCH - We wanted to ensure that when our makeup sponge enables you to have a flawless finish and soft to the touch, with it's patent pending straps are extremely soft giving you a enjoyable experience.

REUSABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Why would anyone want to create more waste then what is necessary. We have designed our makeup sponge so it can be washed, gently squeezed to dry and used again. How to use: The applicator can be used wet or dry. We recommend wetting the blending sponge with water gently squeeze to remove excess water (sponge will expand when wet). Place your concealer, blush, primer, foundation, powder, cream or any of your favorite product across the face and blend.

TO CLEAN: Wet blending sponge use mild soap and gently squeeze and rinse until product is removed. Air dry.